Board Training and Matching

Our nonprofit board studies show that employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers board training and matching services. Employees report that:



are matched to nonprofit boards through their companies.

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are more likely to stay with their company if it provides board training and matching services.



have a better impression of their company because it provides board training and matching services.

Evidence. Our studies demonstrate that nonprofit board experiences advance the company's goals by promoting diversity and inclusion, developing employees to find innovative solutions to vital challenges, and recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Scaling. We provide companies with the Board Vector, an innovative model to scale their nonprofit board programs. Our unique model is based on our success in matching over one thousand business executives and professionals using this unique approach.

The Board Vector is an online, self-guided system to prepare and guide employees in finding the right match for productive and rewarding board experiences. Our methodology uses evidence-based algorithms that promote good board matches for ten employees or hundreds of employees.

Preparing. Using the Board Vector's exclusive tools and resources, employees will be able to determine their board readiness and to prepare themselves to be effective board members.

Please be in touch to learn how we can provide your company with a customized model for board training and matching.

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