Grady L. Crosby

Grady CrosbyInterview with Grady L. Crosby, Vice President Public Affairs & Chief Diversity Officer, President Johnson Controls Foundation, Johnson Controls

Board member: Wisconsin Center District, International African American Museum, Froedtert Health, UN Global Compact Network USA, Visit Milwaukee and Travaux.

Choosing the right board: What are the three most important considerations?

First and foremost assess your preparedness to serve on a non-profit board. The mission of the agency is extremely important. We need to be honest with ourselves with regard to whether or not we have the requisite time needed to be a prepared, present and fully contributing members of the board. Secondly, make sure you have a passion around the mission. If you are passionate about the mission you will have passion for your board service commitment. Lastly, approach your board search as you would a job search. Do some due diligence to ensure this agency and board group fit the talent and skill set that you bring to the table. Know before you go! If you will do these things I am hopeful your service will be one of fulfillment and joy.

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