The Studies

The 2019 Study

Nonprofit board programs are uniquely effective for companies to advance leadership development, diversity and inclusion, recruitment and retention, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.

The 2019 Better World Leadership Study looks at how companies use Nonprofit Board Programs to Develop Business Leaders for a Sustainable Future.

2019 Better World Leadership

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The 2018 Study

The 2018 Nonprofit Board Leadership Study broke new ground. It shows that employees who serve on nonprofit boards develop in ways that change their behaviors, effectiveness, and productivity back at work, as soon as one to two years after beginning board service.

2018 Better World Leadership Report cover

The 2017 Study

The 2017 Nonprofit Board Leadership Study provided evidence of the benefits of nonprofit board service for employees, their companies, nonprofits, and communities. The study showed that companies’ nonprofit board programs provide a pathway for businesses to grow shareholder value by advancing diversity and inclusion, developing human capital for innovation, and helping to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Microsoft PowerPoint - BLS Final

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